Recent Projects

  • Response to a petroleum release on land and into the Ottaquechee River,
    ongoing cleanup and soil assessment

  • Installation of soil ventilation systems in three separate locations to control volatile organic compounds entering commercial/residential structures

  • Wetlands Delineation at two building sites

  • Design & Installation of Septic System with completion of Shoreline Permits

  • Design and Installation of a Sulfate Enhanced Natural Degradation system at a petroleum release site

  • Completion of an SPCC Plan, and upgrades to the facility

  • Completion of a commercial and farm Phase I ESA

  • Design and Installation of an Oxygen Injection System, ongoing monitoring and maintenance

  • Installation of large, double-walled UST and closure of 45 year old UST

  • Supervision of a Lead Renovation Project

  • Mold Sampling and Interpretation of Data

  • Closure of 2- 10,000 gallon above ground storage tanks

  • Post Closure Landfill Sampling and Reporting

  • Indoor air sampling and reporting for VOCs and SVOCs

  • Discovered an abandoned UST with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)